Hi, I am a software engineer by profession. I am more of a back-end person. But, I can do front-end stuff as well. You can say I am a full-stack developer but I prefer back-end always. I also have experience working with mobile technologies more specifically React Native.

As a back-end developer, I prefer NodeJS with TypeScript and MongoDB as database. I am not bound to it. I am a polyglot developer. In my software engineering career, I have used a lot of technologies. A short list is below:

Languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Bash, Python, Golang, C++

IDE/Tools: Visual Studio Code, PHP Storm, Datagrip, Compass, Git

Frameworks/Technologies: Elasticsearch, Docker, NodeJS, Laravel, Redis, WebSocket, React, React Native

Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, OracleDB, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

I do not like PHP at all. I tried to like it but I couldn't. Now, I always try to avoid this language.

I am a fan of System Architecture, System Design, and Distributed System. I always try to learn about concurrency of different language/platform as much as I can. Nowadays I am learning system design and system architecture. Also, focusing on building/writing scalable product.

I am often given tasks like optimizing an existing system, increase throughput, decrease latency and cost. These are real fun! Right?

Currently working for Toptal.