Hi, I am a software engineer and I write back-end mostly. I know basics of ReactJs. I also have experience working with React Native.

I prefer to use NodeJS with TypeScript and MongoDB as database when possible. I am not bound to it. In my career, I have used a lot of technologies. A short list is below:

Languages: C#, Java, TypeScript, PHP, Bash, Python, Golang,

IDE/Tools: VS Code, Visual Studio, PHP Storm

Frameworks/Technologies: Elasticsearch, Docker, NodeJS, Laravel, WebSocket, React, React Native, Git etc.

Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

I am a fan of System Architecture, System Design, and Distributed System. I always try to learn about concurrency of different language/platform/runtimes as much as I can. Nowadays I am learning system design and system architecture. Also, focusing on building/writing scalable product.

Currently working for Toptal.