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I have switched from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

Posted at — Jun 18, 2020

As a software engineer, I am heavily dependant on the internet like others. I spend most of my work hours on the internet to do. In order to do that, I make sure that I am using the best software to browse the internet where I spend a significant amount of time. Google chrome was my first choice although my first internet browser was Internet Explorer. The second one I used was Mozilla Firefox and the third and mostly used browser was Google Chrome. The switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox was easy but switch from Firefox to Chrome was tough. But, after using Chrome for a couple of months I did not doubt that it was going to be my browser of choice.

Reasons to switch


Collections is just a better way of the bookmark. There is nothing very special about it. But, I am using it a lot.

Immersive Reader

A very smooth text to speech listening experience. First time when I open an article I have noticed a new button on the left side of the bookmark button. Clicking on it turned the page into a more read friendly interface. It as a feature named Read Aloud. The voice is very humanlike and less distracting. I found it very helpful.

Chromium based

The Edge browser is chromium based which means all the chrome extensions I already use is ready for this new browser. No hassle. Just go to the chrome store and install it.


One more thing that helped me to get used to with this browser easily is the overall interface. It is very similar to the Chrome browser. If you use it for a couple of hours you would not even notice that if you are using Chrome or Edge. I would say this is a very good step from Microsoft. I have also installed Edge on my Android device. No complaints so far.